Western Grey “Glacial Erratic” CD



“This recording by Melbourne trio Western Grey (Philip Samartzis, Sean Baxter and David Brown), explores the liminal zone where our sonic expectations are problematised from the very start. Composed of pure acoustic fragments and improvisatory approaches which are strikingly juxtaposed with pure electronic abstraction and digital manipulation, questions of genre and musicianship, spontaneity and deliberation, the origins and intents of the noises we are hearing, are held in sharp contrast. Yet, though the divergent aural and performative qualities are obvious, there is, at the same time, a complimentarity of noise, an empathy of texture at odds with the alterity of each body of information. The four pieces comprising Glacial Erratic are exemplary of the inevitable fusion of electroacoustic composition and free improvisation, of pre and post-meditation in sound design and the embrace of chance, aleatory and chaos in performance.” – Sean Baxter