Tim Panaretos “Something In the Way” CDR




…a big departure from anything I’ve released previously. Something In the Way consists of three extended improvisations on piano, kind of my first instrument if you count the disturbed barrages I made on the ivories as a young kid. The aforementioned abuses didn’t last very long but I rediscovered the keys many years later, albeit that was still a long time ago and it’s taken me another 20 years to record any of it. There was something in the way I guess. The instrument in question was left in a rental property by my then landlord and had definitely seen better days but I think that gave it a charm of its own. The sound is also pretty lo-fi, taken from a mobile phone and with a bare minimum of editing done. Extraneous sounds are left in. The three pieces were recorded in late 2019 and early 2020, the latter not long after Covid hit Australia and we went into the first round of lockdowns (so far thankfully the only lockdown for the island state I call home). There was a lot of anxiety around the unknown at that point in time (before we all got used to the new normal) but I didn’t intend this to be music about a pandemic, more a case of a lot of personal stuff coalescing with the times. It’s all fairly minimal and sombre anyway. I was working with some rebetiko-like melodies on the two longer tracks, appropriate perhaps given the mood but I’m unschooled on this instrument like I am in everything else musically-related and I never really know what I’m doing on a technical level. Still, something often seems to happen for me when I sit at a piano.  – Tim

Limited edition of 33 hand-numbered copies, housed in bi-fold sleeve with insert.