Taku Unami and Eric La Casa “Kindling #1: Parazoan Mapping #2” newspaper/digital




KINDLING is an evolving publication series curated by Eamon Sprod (AKA Tarab) exploring the intersection of digitally shared sound and printed image and text; each worked together or against each other to open a site of conversation for community of makers, listeners and readers by testing new modes of presentation and distribution. Each edition will take the form of digital sound and 16 page printed newspaper (Tabloid size, 289x380mm with download code).

Through their individual practices, Taku Unami and Eric La Casa have contributed greatly to what we think about how we listen and practice sound and music, and often indirectly challenging where these two tightly linked categories might collide or overlap. Parazoan Mapping #2 continues their published collaboration started on Erstwhile recordings in 2015, with the highly recommended “Parazoan Mapping”.


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Weight .3 kg
Dimensions 26 × 20 × .04 cm