Star/Time “Like An Owl Exploding” LP




The ex Dirtbombs drummer’s 7 piece improvisational collective owes as much to electric period Miles as the garage punk it’s players came from. Appropriately taking their name from both a James Brown record and a Sun Ra record, STAR/TIME has evolved to its current state merging free psych sonics with no wave, prog jams, funk and fusion to create a vibe alternately hypnotic and disturbing.

“…this is a groovy, tastefully experimental slice with flashes of weight and sinister underpinnings. Experimental without clearing the room. Funky without sounding white. Atmospheric without seeming like someone just stepped on an effects pedal to make that happen. The essence of soul here is the confidence and motivation for forward movement. It relieves as much as it causes pauses and invites debate. I need more records like this to magically appear in the world.” – Ben Blackwell

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Dimensions 31 × 31 × .05 cm