Splinter Orchestra “Mungo” 3CD


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In March 2016 a 21-piece Splinter Orchestra (featuring the likes of Jim Denley, Laura Altman and Peter Farrar) drove from their native Sydney to Adelaide, to perform as part of the Tectonics Festival. Midway they spent 3 days recording in the vast desert recording studio that is Mungo National Park. The new 3 CD set, ‘MUNGO’, their first release in 10 years, presents an argument for a creative collective, sensitive to time/space — one that treats all the participants, be they performers, other species, or the wind, as equal players.

Vital Weekly says The outside recording including the animals has a much more distant quality, it captures the wide-open space very well. Here we have the input from natural elements but with players moving slowly around over quite an open field means that they mix their music in quite a natural way, by allowing every player to walk around and allow each player for a bigger or smaller part of the total mix; a very democratic way of making choices, I think, and one that fits the nature of improvised music very well. This is a more than excellent release! (FdW)