Seht “Another (looped) Sunday” CD



Stephen Clover’s ‘seht’ project has been a consistent font of cerebral ambient electronica since its debut sometime in the early noughties. With his impeccable attention to timbric detail and the erudition and wit of his sample choices his albums have the tendency to tumble one gently into a fugue state. Try putting one on as background music while doing some household chore and I can virtually guarantee by the end of it you’ll be sitting somewhere staring into space and not much work will have gotten done.
‘Another (Looped) Sunday’ is sehts first official release in a couple of years and with its explicit celluloid references lands one in a zone of washed out colour, a nostalgia in and of the everlasting moment.

Part of the Another Sunday series of New Zealand underground experimental artists.
Limited 100 edition pro CD.