Robert McDougall “Unfinished Studies” LP




Debut release from young Melbourne-based composer Robert McDougall, presenting four electroacoustic studies, the fruits of many hours of private sonic research and improvisation. Simple electronics, acoustic instruments, field recordings and textural manipulations are subtly processed, fragmented and iterated into patiently evolving forms. Eschewing the jump-cut dynamics of academic electroacoustics while making use of a large variety of source material, McDougall allows the elements of his compositions to creep gently from background to foreground, layers of sound gradually transforming themselves in the manner of Eliane Radigue’s synthesized spaces. His compositions have an environmental character reminiscent of the sound-work of Rolf Julius, heterogeneous elements forming themselves into blocks of sound that seem to take on a spatial aspect. Occasionally instrumental sounds come to the fore, displaying a wandering sense of melodicism that, whether on piano or acoustic guitar, is reminiscent of the work of Stefano Pilia, Loren Connors or even Harold Budd. On 180 GSM heavy black vinyl, with download code. Edition of 300.

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 31 × 31 × .05 cm