Strangler Fig/Eco Terror “Rainforest Surrogate” cassette


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An experiment in nature simulacra, Rainforest Surrogate contains new sounds from underground recording acts Eco Terror and Strangler Fig. Recorded sparsely over a number of months during a period of time where Australians faced heartbreak and defeating conditions as wildfires raged across the nation.
Despite much attention having since shifted towards other global narratives, Rainforest Surrogate redirects focus towards the relationship between a culture of growth and localised land development phenomena. Named after Eco Terror’s offering, Rainforest Surrogate contains layered sound collage and sample work referencing HNW maximalism and its entanglement with abject imagery. This prospect of colonised and capitalised nature projects an undoubtedly bleak future.
Limited edition of 25 hand-numbered cassettes.

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Dimensions 10.5 × 7 × 1.5 cm