Pig Heart Transplant “Hope You Enjoy Heaven” CD



Pig Heart Transplant is a project headed by Jon Kortland (Iron Lung / Gob) and on this release he is joined by a host of heavy hitters: August Alston (Lords Of Light / Walls / Silentist), Sanders Creasy (Unpersons, Bite Itself), Chris Dodge (Despise You / Lack Of Interest / Spazz / Hellnation / East West Blast Test etc.), Dustin Ferris (Hounded Wounds), Mike Priehs (Threatener, Herds, Mutator, Broachfaced), Jensen Ward (Iron Lung / Artimus Pyle / Walls / Cold Sweat, Gehenna etc.), Greg Wilkinson (Brainoil / Lana Dagales / Laudanum).

Having released a bundle of tapes, CDrs and a split 7″ with rumblers Blue Sabbath Black Cheer, PHT have proved themselves a force of dark noise. Sparse rumbles, sludge ridden guitar, raw growls and blunt force drums with nods to Man Is The Bastard and Swans.