North Of North “The Moment In And Of Itself” CD



Unbelievable real-time compositions for the unlikely instrumentation of piano, trumpet and violin courtesy of North Of North: Anthony Pateras, Scott Tinkler and Erkki Veltheim. This is no random grimprov get together or free jazz blowout, this is a serious engagement with compositional parameters combined with instrumental virtuosity from a working band. Drawing from Xenakian architextures, Carterian set theory, Carnatic music, sharp-edged pointillism and orchestrational symbiosis, North of North throw the listener into a hall of mirrors, refracting musical potential through the sonic maze presented on each of the devastating five cuts recorded here. Comes with 16 page booklet.

In [the booklet for] North Of North, the three musicians speak about the nature of improvisation; whether it is still fun to do, what of skills and if anyone can do it. The answer is, I believe, not everyone can do it, even when it seems easy. The way North Of North plays it certainly isn’t easy. Pateras is at the piano, Scott Tinkler on trumpet and Erkki Veltheim on violin. Whereas previous releases by Immediata seemed to have some kind of some kind of electro-acoustic angle (as far as I remember) this is all about three acoustic instruments and the three players approach them in a very free manner, but without any gimmicks; these instruments are what they are, no matter how freely North Of North improvises on them. You can always recognize them. It makes this a somewhat conventional improvised music release, and while there is nothing wrong with that, I must say that this conventional approach also leans a bit much towards free jazz, which is probably not always something like. But these forty-five minutes sound very good. There is an overall vibrancy captured within these pieces that makes this particular release full of energy. […] Another set of great releases for this label.-Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly