MP Hopkins “Misting” CD


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Hopkins’ solo work to date via the likes of Regional Bears, Penultimate Press and Thalamos fitfully caresses tape collage, found sound, speaker feedback and electroacoustic techniques. 7 years on from ‘Blue-Lit Half Breath’, ‘Misting’ immediately arrests with vibrant frequency and fidelity, yet no less fidgety or labyrinthine in its crypticised patterns of non-literal investigation.

Surgically constructed and tempered, his gentle signature hisses emit from more varied beacons across the spectrum when compared to the mid-range adventures inward on previous outings. In a more expansive realm, Hopkins wildly scratches out his unmistakable intimacies, frittering a gleaming treasure of detail at us to absorb.

Amongst the pile up of chatter and liquid movement, a section of ‘Part 1’ even comes off as a song if you stand close enough. ‘Part 2’ worries itself to an understated climax of fridge hum stupor, metallic harmonics and tantalising scraps of overheard nothingness. Crystalline and towering in its architectural ballast, ‘Misting’ is Hopkins’ most intriguing and urbane episode to date.