Mark Harwood “Offering” LP




Liminal collage from the Penultimate Press purveyor, lightening up since the anxious introspection of his ace 2020 album, for a more poetic, collected, but still off-the-cuff excursion comparable with his peer Graham Lambkin.

‘Offering’ is strange but familiar company for those without. In its ten parts Harwood returns less fraught than on his excellent 2020 side ‘A Perfect Punctual Paradise Under My Own Name’, but still possessed by some lokey domestic spirits, sounding like he’s conducting paranormal summoning rites or simply making us privy to his everyday rustles as he appears like a poltergeist in his own gaff. Steering well to the right side of hokey, though, Harwood drifts piece-to-piece with an ideal mix of absent-minded and intuitive strategies, and of a quietly engaging quality shared by his Penultimate Press roster, most recently in the exquisite magick of Korea Undok Group and solo work by The Shadow Ring’s Tim Goss – Boomkat

12″ vinyl housed in printed inner sleeve with postcard.

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 31 × 31 × .05 cm