Low Flung “Microscope Impressions” cassette




An uncategorizable and commanding new full length statement from New South Wales-based producer Danny Wild, aka Low Flung. Cemented as a puzzlingly creative and prolific Australian underground hero within ambient study, experimental synthesis and functional dance music, Wild’s stamp is well documented across releases on Paper-Cuts, Ken Oath, Phinery, Butter Sessions, Chemical Imbalance, Bedroom Suck and his own label, Moontown.

‘Microscope Impressions’ whirrs and flashes with a type of biological fluidity, both in its essence and its presentation – seemingly describing its own creation as it occurs, we hear a stream of consciousness cloudy with the colours of Wild’s unpredictable sonic impulses, revealing itself from the opening moments. Liquid samples, repurposed drum sounds and patinas of synth litter all elongate and meld with each other’s perceptible form, abstracting the recording’s cadence and intent over 9 tracks. Wild has indeed created a close up glimpse through his microcosmic lens, into a realm which is easier to feel and hear than see or touch. For fans of Pole and Andrew Pekler.

Limited edition of 50 pro-produced cassettes.

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Dimensions 10.5 × 7 × 1.5 cm