Jean-Luc Guionnet & Will Guthrie “Electric Rag Live” LP



Bullish sax, organ and drum gauntlets from Will Guthrie and prolific improviser Jean-Luc Guionnet – a testament to 15 years of wreaking havoc together.

More commonly found in trio The Ames Room with bassist Clayton Thomas, ‘Electric Rag Live’ spies Guionnet & Guthrie in muscular, pugilistic duo running into the red on a live iteration of their 2021 side, issued by Ali Buh Baeh Records/Editions Memoire. Mixed and mastered by Guthrie’s fellow Aussie percussionist Joe Talia, the live performance captures the white hot heat of Guthrie & Guionnet’s finely attuned instincts at play in satisfyingly durational snapshots.

The first is defined by Guionnet’s Ra-esque, palms-down organ fire and sax caterwaul, with Guthrie shelling sparks, before the 2nd sees them go ham in swarming attacks, and the 3rd unleashes a punkish torrent of cat-sex sax and infernal snare rolls. The killer finishing move catches Guthrie harnessing intense staccato organ and sax shred in almost junglist breaks like they’re riffing on Derek Bailey’s pirate radio tapes. Scorcher!!!!

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