Jack Prest “The Risk of Hyperbole – Vol. 1 – Sound” LP




The Risk of Hyperbole Vol. 1 – Sound is an immersive journey through experimental composition, field recording and sound art as an integrated whole. It’s also the first instalment of The Risk of Hyperbole, a trilogy of conceptually interlinked albums from Sydney-based composer, sound designer, producer and artist Jack Prest, a journeyman of Australia’s burgeoning music and arts scenes.

Prest recorded The Risk of Hyperbole trilogy over a free-flowing week at Studios 301 with a cast of all-star collaborators including fellow Sydneysiders Claire Edwardes, Jason Noble and Freya Schack-Arnott of Ensemble Offspring, Benjamin Freeman, David Rodriguez (GODTET/Sampa The Great), Nicholas Meredith (Kcin) and Jerrol Renaud (The Goods).  After they’d worked through a series of oblique strategies to track a series of pre-prepared and improvisation-led compositions, Prest took the files away to carefully and intuitively re-edit, arrange and sculpt into their captivating final forms.

Made up of four distinct pieces, Vol. 1 – Sound begins with ‘Suite For Body and Breath’, where Prest uses heavy breathing, footsteps, spoken narration, oscillating tones, and subtle percussive elements to map out sound as an environment or space. ‘Suite For Body and Breath’ is followed by the sharp-edged drone textures of ‘Sound I’ and the dirgy fever dream ambience of ‘Sound II’, before concluding with the sound-as-space experimentation of ‘Improvisation with Pole, Fabric and Rope.’

Over the last decade, Prest has explored electronic dance music and DJ culture, sound design, experimental composition, avant-garde theatre and dance choreography. In the process, he has contributed to works shown at festivals across Australia and as far afield as Europe and Asia. Alongside his art practices, Prest works as a senior engineer at Studios 301, Australia’s largest recording facility. There, he has recorded for a who’s who of contemporary labels including Stones Throw, Wondercore Island, Future Classic and Kitsune.

Limited edition of 150 copies housed in full colour jacket and full colour inner sleeve.

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