Gerard Lebik/Burkhard Beins “An Alphabet of Fluctuation” CD



Gerard Lebik and Burkhard Beins create musical forms of minimalist idiom, which consist of isolated sound events as well as gradually revealing harmonies and resonances. Metallic sounds from a large heavy cymbal are amplified and blend with electronically generated sine waves of varying amplitude, unfolding in a continuous glissando. An Alphabet Of Fluctuation is the evidence of how both artists rethink their approach towards deep reduction. One can see here a great sensitivity in determining the means of expression and formal concepts.

The artists do not shape the pieces into dynamic structures with a linear course but strive to achieve a specific effect of micro-flickering of sound – an illusion of suspension of time. These recordings should be considered as an environment, involving the listener to intensify perceptual activity. During their realization, an attempt was made to use the natural properties of space in the most nuanced way possible, treating the set of speakers as additional instruments. The experiments with sound directivity and density used here are aimed at creating specific acoustic machinery.

CD is housed in a 6 panel digipak with liner notes.