Eugene Chadbourne “Viajando Hacia Adelante Y Hacia Atras En El Tiempo Con El Loco Doctor Chad: 30 Years Of Rarities” 2CD

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“Loosely translated: ‘Travelling forward and backward in time with the crazy Doctor Chad’. This incredible collection of Eugene Chadbourne rarities compiles 35 tracks over 30 years time and was put together by Andres Argil, an experimental guitarist from Mexico. What amazes me about this is that listening to this sprawling collection, I can see that Dr. Chad has had a vision, a crazed spirit of creativity which both embraces and pokes fun at any and all traditions in music from jazz to free to rock to country to psych to folk & blues & noise. The booklet includes liner notes by Dr. Chadbourne in English & Spanish explaining where & when each piece was recorded. Guest include John Zorn, Shockabilly, Violent Femmes, Red Clay Ramblers, Camper van Beethoven, Sun City Girls, ZU, Paul Lovens, Han Bennink, Noah John, Leonid Soybelman, Pat Thomas, Alex Ward, Jimmy Carl Black, David Moss, Jon Rose, Andrea Centazzo plus numerous solo guitar rarities unearthed for the first time. From the brilliant to the bizarre, this is indeed an overwhelming compilation of eccentricities from one of the distinctive guitarists to emerge from the early Downtown scene” – Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery.