Ernie Althoff “Moggs Creek Picnic Ground” CD/digital




Showcasing for the first time Althoff’s field recording work, this single-take, unedited 70 minute recording (divided into 70x 1 minute tracks) was made by Althoff in 2004 at the titular picnic ground in the Otway Ranges, Western Victoria. It captures near-magical interactions between a plethora of birdlife against a backdrop of windblown eucalyptus trees. Althoff describes the session’s highlight in the liner notes:
… a magpie making repeated short and plaintive calls from various points in the bush as it approaches the picnic ground. Small variations occur in the call’s structure as well. In the 50th minute the magpie flies into the clearing with strongly audible wingbeats. It calls plaintively some more. Then it flies to a tree in front of the microphones and warbles beautifully before returning to its previous short calls. Finally the magpie departs, flying strongly to the left to exit.
Moggs Creek is sublime listening as either ambient soundscape or for those interested in native bird song.