Emilio Gordoa/Michael McNab/Josten Myburgh “Passive Transport” CD/digital


In February 2015, Australian musicians Michael McNab (percussion/drums) and Josten Myburgh (electronics) toured Europe, and met up with Emilio Gordoa (vibraphone), a Mexican artist residing in Berlin since 2012. They recorded a couple of hours of improvisation in Gordoa’s Berlin studio. From these raw recordings comes the two excerpts that make up Passive Transport, a delicate tapestry of extended techniques and open improvisation, with various instrument preparations and electronic treatments exorcising any expected timbres from instruments like drums or vibraphone. The result is a work of crystalline sonic beauty and tension.

…a complex, beautiful, occasionally confronting and totally singular listen – Cool Perth Nights.

…a very challenging work, and I mean this in the most positive sense of the word. Very engaging and lots of things to discover upon repeated listening – Vital Weekly #1025

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