Emilio Gordoa/Matthias Müller/Josten Myburgh/Adam Pultz-Melbye “Berlin Split” CD


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After playing sporadic sessions across three years since their first meeting in Berlin in 2015, Adam, Emilio and Josten produced this energised trio in a flat in Wedding in 2018. With a rapid rate of change and a tendency towards playful subversion, it’s exploratory and colourful, while still precipitating in many moments of clarity and intensity.

A few days before, Josten had met with Matthias Müller in his studio to discuss Matthias’ upcoming trip to Perth for Audible Edge; they figured they ought to play together as well. What emerged was an immediately familiar language, a synchronicity between sharp digital feedback and articulate trombone gestures. Their very first meeting is published here. As opposed to the expansive chamber music of the trio, this duo works mostly by layering noise, and the results are far more stark.

The recordings make a curious pair, with the same electronic sound-worlds existing in two spaces, divergent in approach to gesture and harmony. Perhaps Lena Czerniawska’s artwork, drawn in response to the music, proposes some relationships between the two.

Edition of 200 CDs in card wallets.