Ellen Band & David Lee Myers “Two Ships” CD



Performances by Ellen Band and David Lee Myers blend sonic environments and specialized electronic circuitry. Myers generates his signature Feedback Music using custom-built devices that sing their own songs. The resulting sounds represent nothing other than the free circulation of electrons within, prompting one observer to describe them as arising from the ether. Band carefully builds swirling layers of sonorous, textural, tone/noise clusters by mixing and processing lengthy samples from her field recordings of real-world sounds. Though their individual working styles are very different, their combined effort yields lush sonic densities that continually pulse and morph while complementing and contrasting each other’s sonic expression. “Myers and Band deliver a soaring, clicking and nocturnal feeling; a layer of entomological pointillism; an elastic band of sonorities that obscure the night with intense life; a cumbersome vitality of the infinitesimal that all but invades you.” Sonoloco Record Reviews