E. Millar & Christof Kurzmann “Rare Entertainment” CDR



“As the icesnow fell, the wind was guide to a horizontal blinding effect as tiny darts hit one’s eyes. And so it became easier to commit to walking with them closed. The upside of this was that I could now better hear the crystals hitting every surface around me. Metal, plastic, glass, concrete, branches, trash bags, the roofs of buses; all had their signature sound. I could register all angles and reflections, points of contact and ricochet, to situate myself in space. I felt anchored in some strange new way.” – from the liner notes by Steve Bates

This recording is the first meeting of Austrian electropop / new music improviser Christof Kurzmann and Canadian/Australian sound artist Elizabeth Millar. Kurzmann’s close-mic’d vocals meander over samples and loops and the strumming of an elastic band. Millar combines bass frequencies of motors and pitched ventilation fans with amplified, airy clarinet. From the glassy darkness emerges generous, rare entertainment.

Limited edition CDR features a custom cut sleeve, liner notes and cover photo by Canadian artist Steve Bates.