Dan Gilmore “Undercovers” cassette


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Improvised monologues, existing texts performed unfaithfully, and whatever else I felt like putting into three out of four tracks on the machine (without monitoring anything already recorded), using a handheld microphone while sitting in bed one night. After the tape ran out on the third track, I passed out with my own heartbeat thumping in the headphones, woke up a few hours later, made coffee, digitized a live mix, and that was that. Like most people living in government mandated isolation, I had been absorbing far too much mindless entertainment, and my definition of that was getting looser. I thought I’d derail the situation by turning it into a more active experience under my own control. That said, I also wanted to exploit some of my recent brainlessness, allowing myself to be indefensibly stupid at times. Despite all the nonsense, I was intent on making something I’d consider interesting to listen to, and approached the recording seriously. I used phrases, characters, and subject matter I’ve pocketed over the course of eight years, from either working in or walking aimlessly around New York. Some things might be stolen from old artists’ records, and parts might take place in the same universe as a William Gaddis book I never finished. I was trying to do music – DG

Pro-duplicated cassette (delicately entangled with a strand of wool) comes housed in colour outer card wrapper housing case and colour j-card. VERY LIMITED COPIES.

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Dimensions 10.5 × 7 × 1.5 cm