Von Einem

Von Einem "The Von Einem Tapes" 2CD - The full discography of Mark Groves' Von Einem project, issued over the past few years on varoius short-run cassettes, comes together here to represent a truly impressive minimalistic power electronics collection. The Von Einem project takes its subject matter from various documented acts of depravity purportrated around Adelaide and South Autralia - not just related to the murders that the project name references, but also numerous documented instances of murders committed by police officers. The Von Einem canon is a taut, focussed conceptual work that alludes to themes of dole-class drug cultures and ennui as gateways to violence for its own sake. Groves holds his sonic weapons close to his chest; there are none of the walls of white noise you've heard a million times before here. Instead, each blast and clang is laden with foreboding and dread meaning. Comes in three panel pro-printed sleeve with booklet - essential.

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