Terra Australis Incognita - Unknown Southern Land mp3 series

Terra Australis Incognita is a series of releases from Shame File Music. The series documents notable Australian experimental artists (both established and lesser known) by commissioning them to produce an EP of material that will then be made available for free downloading online, as well as on CDR.

The series consists of 6 EPs around 20-30 minutes in duration, released 2 months apart, over 2005/2006.

Volume I is from Gippsland, Victorian artist W.I.T. entitled "While You Were Ill..."

Volume II is by Melbourne's The Feeder, entitled "Locus of Variation".

Volume III is by Melbourne's Undecisive God, entitled "Headless"

Volume IV is by Adelaide's r.domain, entitled "In Remembrance"

Volume V is by Melbourne's Zac Keiller, entitled "Venture

Volume VI is by Melbourne's Hi-God People, entitled "Shortwave Children"