Hi God People - "Shortwave Children" (Terra Australis Incognita Volume VI)

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The Terra Australis Incognita series

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- Can you describe the "philosophy" of the Hi-God People; i.e. the goals/methods of the band.

The pursuit of beauty and horror, where we walk the tightrope of humiliation and fantasy to get to the place where our brains give up and leave us alone. A well worn descent into the intrinsic pool of mythical.

- Can you give a potted history of the band, along with musical backgrounds of the members.

Our previous group Solids ended when Jad left to live in London around 1998, leaving Julian and Greg without a synth player. Dylan and Dion filled the gap and we continued where we'd left off, horrifying audiences with 40 minute prog-rock improvs. We recorded shows and turned that into 'album one' of our first release Nega the Eight-Headed Serpent. We took an eight-track to a hall and recorded a jazzier album two. In Solids we used to edit long recorded jams down to releasable length. In 2001 we took this technique to the extreme, chopping 20 hours of live material into short chunks and multi-tracking them into new tracks for our cd HGP lay to the Temple of Depth. We've put on grotesque musicals, a symphony for senses other than sound, a show on the Astral Plane, a rock opera, and folk music from Planet X.

Julian: Solids, Above Ground Pool
Greg: Thou Gideon, Tedium, New Waver
Dion: Golden Lifestyle Band, Panel of Judges
Dylan: Snawklor, Fong, Grand Wyzard

- Describe the circumstances of how the material for "Shortwave Children" was recorded, and also instruments/set-up used.

Karla Way and Paul Williams recorded us at 3CR (Melbourne community radio station). We set up a big room full of instruments and bits and pieces. Karla put mics everywhere, pressed record, and mixed us in real time. We moved from instrument to instrument for an hour or two without stopping or discussing. We selected chunks of it and added bits from a show at the Rob Roy where we played sparse guitar and sang while Justin Fuller processed our sound. Every half minute or so we sang a lyric together in harmony. The lyrics are on the back cover of the EP. The four in red are the track titles.

- Does Shortwave Children have any theme running through the recording, or do you intend the music to have any particular effect on the listener?

We want the audience to have a knowledge of the war going on in their bodies everyday on a cellular level. The golden heart soldiers on regardless and from there, the archetypal kicks in. We want people to experience, just like we do when something touches us. There is a shortwave child lurking in everyone.

- What's coming up for Hi-God People?

With luck, a TV show, a trip to Tasmania, and a release on Spanish Magic.



Nega the Eight-Headed Serpent (Varispeed, 1999)
Hi God People play to the Temple of Depth (Spill / FTSM, 2001)

Contributions to compilations:

The Ascent of the Torma on The Undertow (Shame File, 2004)
Egil Rotunda Mural on Its Over, We Don't Care (Spanish Magic, 2005)
Father, the Stranger has Gone on Flesh vs Machine (Teknikunst, 2005)
Video of our Forum show on Loose Canon: Sounds from the Australian Experimental Underground