Zac Keiller - "Venture" (Terra Australis Incognita Volume V)

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The Terra Australis Incognita series

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- What led you to playing this kind of music?
I’m not sure really… I think that I get the most enjoyment from just sitting around & playing from scratch with no pre conceived ideas. When I first started experimenting I had many ideas that I assumed I had to stick to, but ended up doing terrible work for the first few years. I didn’t start to make any headway until I abandoned all of them. I think that improvisation is the best way go (for me). A lot of the material I’ve been recording more recently is much longer & when listening back to it, you can get a sense of working through the sounds as a journey. Playing on the spot & documenting it on the fly feels very close to capturing something spontaneous & it’s a lot of fun! When I record in this manner, put the results behind me for a while, then come back to listen, I honestly have no idea of even creating them. That’s exactly the effect I love.

- Is there a story behind how Venture came to be? Was it planned or improvised, single or multi-tracked?What did you want to achieve when recording this?
There was no plan. I was bored, sat down & wanted to play. What came out is what’s on the EP. The tracks were just me practicing, but I’ve gotten into the habit of recording any practice because the best musical moments occur when they aren’t planned. It was single tracked direct into the PC. I didn’t have any specific thematic ideas of the pieces until after they’d been recorded. I chose the track titles based on the moods or imagery I felt while listening to them afterwards.

- What equipment did you use?
For the Venture pieces, I played a Cort Paul Reed Smith copy electric guitar that was tuned to an open chord (I forget which one). That went through a volume pedal, then into an old Digitech RP10 multi effects floor unit of which I only use about one effect, which is a combination of delay & heavy reverb. The rest is a combination of different picking techniques & volume swells in an attempt to create walls of sound. I’ve been using the same two effects units for almost ten years. I never buy anything new out of fear.

- Have you always used guitar as the main sound source for Bokor? Some of your earlier work sounds very "un-guitar"?
“The Field” was created without any guitar, so was “Dialogue”. Looking back, all of my earliest work was specifically made without guitar, most likely because it was easier to use a combination of effects pedals & microphones. But I think at the time, I didn’t know how to use the guitar in a way that would benefit the other sounds. I’d say the first track that led me back to using guitar as a main source sound was for the Hidden Landscape album. It was a one take 10min guitar performance that was later remixed & mastered into what’s on the final album. I was very happy with how the track turned out so I have kept on using guitar in any way possible because it’s the one instrument that I am the most comfortable playing & an easy way to find an expressive sound or mood for whatever is needed at the time. With the exception of percussion samples, the 30 Days if Night album was almost entirely guitar & vocal based. Nearly every drone & atmosphere was created with those two sources.

- What's next for you musically?
Many things are up in the air at the moment. I have just finished a collaboration album titled “Neverending Tide”. It is a field recording based work with raw sounds gathered around the Ocean Road area. My intention was to do the complete opposite of previous tracks & present the field recordings as they are, but with tiny electronic drones that attempt to mimic the natural sounds themselves. The album also features tracks by Clon (Jorge Castro’s new project), Rothko (bassist from UK) & Scott Taylor (also from the UK), who works primarily with field recordings & guitar drones. We all worked from the same raw sounds to create our own pieces, so it is not a remix project. I’ve no idea when it will be released. I’m getting mental ideas together for the new Unnameable album “At The Mountains Of Madness”, & recording lots of improvised musical jam sessions with my brother on drums & various friends on other instruments. The jams will then be heavily manipulated then placed into some heavy atmospheres upon which more sounds will be added...

Discography (including related projects)

Migration - 3 tracks. Unreleased.
Some Are Greater Some Are Darker - 3 track album. Unreleased.
Stay - 1 track. [dlnet034] Dreamland Recordings series of (internet only) releases.
Loss - 6 track album. Unreleased.
Neverending Tide - Collaborative album with Rothko (UK), Scott Taylor (UK)& Clon (PR). 5 tracks. Awaiting release.
Rondel Kilgore & Heath Yonaites: Damaged Lethal Harmonies - 4 tracks. Dreamland Recordings. (Australia)

30 Days of Night: Soundtrack to the Graphic Novel by Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith - 7 tracks. Self released.
Rondel Kilgore: Flavours Conserved - Cover songs. 5 tracks. Covers of Aidan Baker, Xiu Xiu and mitre. Unreleased.
Rondel Kilgore: 01 - 10 tracks. Self released.
Live At The Planet Café - Recorded during the launch of the Undertow comp. [dlnet026] Dreamland Recordings series of (internet only) releases.
Hidden Landscape: Lake Vostok compilation - Track: "Beyond The Ice - Submergence - Exploration" Dreamland Recordings. (Australia)
Ten Below compilation - Track: "Lost Horizon" Petite Sono Recordings. (Canada)
The Undertow: Undercurrents Of Australian Experimental Music compilation - Track: "13/06/03" Shame File Music. (Australia)
Melbourne EP - [dlnet003] Dreamland Recordings series of (internet only) releases.
Assortment EP - [dlnet002]Dreamland Recordings series of (internet only) releases.
Dialogue - collaboration album with Pablo Reche. Dreamland Recordings. (Australia)

JAZ - Collaboration with Aidan Baker & Jorge Castro. Unreleased album.
The Field EP - Dreamland Recordings. (Australia)

Liquid Skin - Unreleased album.
Melbourne / Osaka - Collaboration album with Daruin. Neus 318 Records (Japan).
Neus-318 Compilation #3 - Track: "Of Seclusion". Neus 318 Records (Japan).
Bokor - Self produced release. Discontinued.