r.domain - "In Remembrance" (Terra Australis Incognita Volume IV)

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The Terra Australis Incognita series

- What led you to playing this kind of music?
I think it was the search for new sounds and the love of sound design. I've been playing guitar and bass for close to 20 years and from early on, I'd been experimenting with different effects and playing techniques to achieve different sounds (within a band scenario). When I discovered what computers and synths could create, I was hooked due to the flexibility, the amount of control, and especially the endless possibilities when combining traditional instruments and the digital realm to create new musical genres.

-What equipment/instruments/software/set up do you use?
My setup varies with each project but for this recording I utilised the guitar, field recordings, software and an ancient banjo mandolin. For the guitar parts I used an Ibanez Artist running through a Digitech 2101 Artist, Line 6 Filter Pro, and an Electrix Repeater. Software was limited to Reaktor and Live. Field recordings were captured with a Sharp MD and a set of binaural microphones. The banjo mandolin was also recorded with this.

-With "In Remembrance", were you aiming to affect the listener in a particular way?
I wanted to create mixed emotions. From sad to comforting to total isolation. The feelings you can get when you lose someone close to you or if you have to give something up that you don't want to.

-Was In Remembrance inspired by an experience of loss in your own life?
Yes. Especially the third part. During the creation of In Remembrance, my girlfriend's poppa passed away who I was quite close to because I didn't have any grandparents that lived in Australia. The third part of the piece is dedicated to him (Jack Cunningham). In the third part, I used an old battered up banjo mandolin he gave to me that he used to play as a child. The banjo mandolin is around 70 years old. The rest of the album is dedicated to my family and friends and to anyone I have lost in the past.

-What’s next for you musically?
Well I'm currently doing a fortnightly podcast where I'm limiting myself to guitar and drums and only 1 minute for each song. This is a 12 month project with the concept of one complete piece at the end of it.

I'm also contemplating a full length dark ambient recording and coupling it with some of my beat-based gear in the future (ala Conscious and Dreaming)... and hopefully squeeze some live gigs in also.


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