Undecisive God "Headless"

Undecisive God - "Headless" (Terra Australis Incognita Volume III)

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The Terra Australis Incognita series

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I started playing music in the late 1980s, mostly in hardcore punk bands. I was always interested in the noisier side of guitar playing, though. I liked the parts of Sonic Youth songs where the traditional rock rhythms would stop and they would descend into guitar noise or ambience, I think what I was trying to acheive in the beginning was to distill those moments into a music all of its own. In 1994, I released a cassette under the moniker of Undecisive God of guitar works ranging from ambient to noise, and have been recording material ever since.

Guitar has always been the main sound source, in conjunction with a range of other tools including effects pedals and various multitrack environments, and ocassionally other instruments.

With Headless, my intention was to create a long piece that on casual listening didn't seem to vary in sound, but was subtly changing throughout. It is made up of a number of small guitar samples, treated with effects and looped using the Cool Edit program.

As I worked on the piece, I became interested in the idea of music composed to be heard in certain circumstances. Headless evolved into music suitable for listening on a cold night, preferably alone in a warm room with low lighting. It is from the forthcoming album Eccentricities (due later in 2005), which also contains another "circumstance-specific" piece entitled "Home Music: Quiet Day".

As well as the upcoming Eccentricities CD, there are plans with my other musical concern The Unnameable to compose and record music inspired by the H.P. Lovecraft novel "At The Mountains of Madness". On the Undecisive God front, I have been improvising a lot over the last 12 months, especially in exploring my beloved DD6 digital delay pedal, and I want to start using some of the sounds I've discovered through improvising more in a compositional frame of mind. - Clinton Green, June 2005.


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