W.I.T. - "While You Were Ill..." (Terra Australis Incognita Volume I)

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The Terra Australis Incognita series

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- What led you to playing this kind of music?
A lot of things, you could say. Industrial and electronic music got me wanting to make my own music, so i ended up getting a computer; but things didn't really get started until i got a mini disc recorder, that seemed to get the ball rolling.

- Is there a story behind how While You Were Ill.. came to be? What did you want to achieve when recording this?
It was the end of the year and we had about a week off work. The plan was to get away, but unfortunately Lisa (my wife) got sick and we ended up staying at home, so that was a good chance to do some recording.

- What equipment did you use?
An old turntable that i've attached another arm to, one of those cheap 4-in-1 hifi systems, micro cassette recorder, a radio on track 2 i think, mixer and then recording live to MD.

- You note it was recorded in "the shed". I picture you grinding away in there with power tools on poor helpless turntables!
The shed is were I practice and make a lot of noise. No power tools on the turntables yet. I did used to use a heat gun on a turntable. Would like to get a grinder someday, that would be pretty cool.

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