Deep Listening Band

Deep Listening Band “Tosca Salad” CD This CD gives us a tasty variety of free improvisations excerpted from recordings of Deep Listening Band rehearsals and of the band in concert. Band members Pauline Oliveros, Stuart Dempster and David Gamper are featured exploiting the sonoric and spatial palette of the Expanded Instrument System.

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Deep Listening Band “Unquenchable Fire” CD Unquenchable Fire is a composition of structured improvisations based on excerpts from Rachel Pollack's "speculative fiction" of the same name. It features readings by Rachel Pollack interspersed with music from these two ensembles. Pollack's readings are fantastic and rich - imaginative images on a future revolution ... by the end the hugely diverse number of ideas and motifs raised gives a sense of the bizarre and fantastic world that Pollack's work obviously embodies. - OS 2005

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