2work@once - Early 2000s duo of Ernie Althoff and Eamon Sprod

Absoluten Calfeutrail - Solo electronics project of Mark Groves.

Absurd Cosmos Late Nite - Project by Mark Groves using internet comments as text.

Ernie Althoff - Premier instrument maker from Melbourne.

Laura Altman & Monika Brooks - Sydney improv duo, two thirds of Great Waitress

The Ames Room - Australian/French free jazz trio.

Beth Anderson - US composer,pianist, and text/sound music pioneer.

Todd Anderson-Kunert Melbourne sound artist.

Jorge Antunes - Brazillian 1970s electronic music composer.

Automating - One half of Y35.3 using industrial noise and samples.

Ellen Band - US composer and sound artist.

Biffplex - Brisbane ambient drone duo.

Big City Orchestra - US art/anti-art group.

Bite The Capsicum - Gourmet noise from Melbourne, or maybe Japan?

Bokor/Zac Keiller - Dark ambient soundscapes from Melbourne

Ross Bolleter - Australian composer best known for performing on ruined pianos

BP$$CH - Brisbane electronica with a touch of humour

Jonas Braasch - German saxophonist and sound artist.

Chris Brown - US composer, pianist and electronic musician.

Tony Buck - Australian-now-residing-in Berlin drummer/percussionist extraordinaire, most famously of The Necks.

Bucketrider - Melbourne free jazz/noise/grind.

Brigid Burke - Melbourne clarinetist, composer and sound artist.

Warren Burt - US microtonal/computer music composer resident in Australia since the 1970s

Connor Camburn - US sound artist working with concepts of composition.

Candlesnuffer/David Brown - Melbourne extended guitarist/sound artist.

Arthur Cantrill - Melbourne film maker and soundtrack composer

The Carrier Band - US improv trio featuring Pauline Oliveros

Tim Catlin - Melbourne extended guitarist and instrument builder.

Eugene Chadbourne - Eclectic American guitarist,improvisor and genre-destroyer.

Mary Ellen Childs - US composer and multimedia artist.

cleaninglady - Modular synthesis from Melbourne.

Club Sound Witches - Lofi not-quite-beats with Matt Earle and Nicola Morten.

Cohen/Finkelman/Gersh - US improv trio featuring percussion, guitar and Buchla synth.

Anla Courtis - Argentian guitarist, musique concrete artist and founding member of Reynols.

Crank Sturgeon - Noise from the USA.

Crawling With Tarts - US group featuring Michael Gendreau

The Cray Twins - UK duo assembling a virtual collective of musicians and sound artists.

Alvin Curran - American composer/pianist/improviser.

Decibel - Perth new music ensemble led by Cat Hope, focussing on the integration of acoustic and electronic instruments.

Deep Listening Band - Trio founded by Pauline Oliveros specialising in recording/perfroming in deeply resonant spaces.

Jim Denley - Improvising extended saxophonist from Sydney.

Diaspora - Dark ambient perfection from Brisbane

Nick Didkovsky - US computer music composer and guitarist.

Dotabata - Melbourne noise project of Carey Knight.

Dumb & the Ugly - Early 90s Melbourne instrumental supergroup.

David Dunn - US composer, sound artist, and Partch acolyte.

Matthew Earle - Broken bleeps/beats meet field recordings on the Hawkesbury, NSW.

Jack Ellitt - Recently-discovered proto-electronic music visionary

Embers - Melbourne free jazz/noise, featuring Kris Wanders.

Em Vecue Aquieu - Melbourne cinematic ambient project.

Evidence US duo of Stephan Moore and Scott Smallwood

Shane Fahey - Member of Scattered Order and The Makers of the Dead Travel Fast, working with analogue synthesisers

Peter Farrar - Sydney alto sax player

Fast Forward - US composer working with percussion and music theatre.

The Feeder - Electronic noise from Melbourne.

Jamie Fielding - Melbourne/Sydney 1980s improv/noise.

Flew Creeking - Duo of Joe Musgrove and Michael Norris with ocassional guests

FTRG - Melbourne harsh noise with contact mics and cassette tapes.

Kenneth Gaburo - Influential US experimental composer

Llara Goodall (AKA Llara Isabell Arena) - Melbourne artist deconstructing pop music cassettes.

Emilio Gordoa/Michael McNab/Josten Myburgh - Australian/Mexican electro-acoustic improvisation.

Dale Gorfinkel - Melbourne-based instrument-builder/adapter.

Nat Grant - Melbourne percussionist/sound artist

Great Waitress - Australian/German trio of Monika Brooks, Laura Altman and Magda Mayas.

Clinton Green (Undecisive God) - Melbourne experimental project taking in turntables, percussion, guitars and field recordings.

Arek Gulbengoklu - Melbourne sound artist working with electronics and field recordings.

Will Guthrie - Expat Melbourne percussionist now residing in France.

Rosalind Hall - Melbourne-based extended saxophonist.

Camilla Hannan - Melbourne sound artist working with field recordings.

Haraam - Noisy crunch and drone from Victorian multi-instrumentalist, Mat Blackwell.

Fritz Hauser - Swiss percussionist and composer.

R.I.P. Hayman - US Composer working with near-death experiences.

Hectic Head - Adelaide lofi electronica with eerie folk interludes.

Helium Clench - Melbourne prepared guitar/strings duo of Dave Brown and Tim Catlin

Hi-God People - Melbourne improvisational band-cum-performance collective.

Lloyd Honeybrook - Melbourne-based saxophonist.

Cat Hope - Perth-based composer, writer and noise artist.

interface - US improv group with Pauline Oliveros.

Isomer - Adelaide dark ambient artist, David Tonkin

Herbert Jercher - Melbourne sound artist and guitarist.

Tom Johnson - US minimalist composer who incorporates mathematical theory into compositional structures.

KAOS - Very silly noise from Melbourne

Martin Kay - Australian field recording artist.

Kettle - Brisbane sound artist

Kiva - Experimental improvisation trio from the 1980s, featuring Keith Humble

Klunk - Handmade instruments in subterranean spaces, featuring Rod Cooper

Leo Kupper - Belgian electro acoustic pioneer.

Lazy - Melbourne's David Brown and Sean Baxter, playing mimimal acoustic improvisations.

Rune Lindblad - Swedish electronic music pioneer.

Rainer Linz - Melbourne composer, sound artist and publisher of NMA.

Chun-liang Liu - Taiwanese performing artist working with field recordings, vocalisation and site-specific interractions.

Annea Lockwood - New Zealand-born, US-based composer and sound artist.

Logos Duo - Belgian experimental instruments group.

Robert McDougall - Melbourne electroacoustic composer

Michael McNab - Melbourne percussionist and sound artist

Machinefabriek - Prolific Dutch sound artist.

M.A.N.K. - Harsh electronics from Casey of Ebola Disco.

Chris Mann - Compositional linguist and performer.

Ross Manning - Brisbane sound artist and instrument builder who has also performed in Sky Needle and Faber Castell.

Al Margolis/If, Bwana - US experimental composer and sound artist.

The Mermaids - Noise and samples from Newcastle, featuring personnel from Cock Safari.

Mitre - Guitar drones from the USA.

Moe Chee - Chun-liang Liu & Clinton Green work together in sound, movement, music and dance.

Gen Ken Montgomery - US sound artist

Montreal Sound Matter - Canadian composer collective.

Rhys Mottley - Sydney artist working with prepared guitar.

John Murphy - Australian pioneer of noise and industrial music.

Joe Musgrove - Brisbane drone/electronica.

Nadir - Live electronics/synth processing from Ben Byrne and Alex White.

Ron Nagorcka - Australian pioneer composer of tape music and just intonation.

Nete - Melbourne gothic industrial band featuring Clinton Green of Undecisive God

Mani Neumeier - Drummer/improvisor from prog rock legends, Guru Guru.

New Circle Five - Acoustic improv group featuring Pauline Oliveros.

New Waver - Melbourne loss rock. Humourous and depressing

NMA Series of releases accompanying magazine from 1982-92 documenting experimental music in Australia.

Jerome Noetinger - French Revox virtuosso and Metamkine impressario.

Noise Machines - NSW automated sound collective improv

KK Null/David Brown/Terminal HZ - Japan/Australia improv/noise collaboration.

Takamitsu Ohta - Japanese installation and sound artist.

Pauline Oliveros - US composer, electronic music pioneer and founder of Deep Listening.

Omnid - Table top guitar and electronics.

Matthew Ostrowski - Former WFMU DJ, now residing in The Netherlands, working in electronic and computer music.

Hans Otte - German composer and pianist.

Overtone Ensemble - Melbourne group creating drone-based, immersive soundscapes utilising self-made instruments.

Matthew Paine - Melbourne composer/artist working with guitar and writing for ensembles

David Palliser - Melbourne free improv reed player

Tim Panaretos - Melbourne/Hobart bouzouki improvisor.

Sage Pbbbt/Erin K. Taylor - Extended vocal and electronics/percussion duo.

Sam Pettigrew - Extended double bass from Sydney.

r.domain - Adelaide ambient guitar and field recordings.

Radio On - Students with intellectual disabilities and additional learning needs creating music with their teacher, Ben Butcher from Paul Kidney Experience.

Dana Reason - Canadian pianist and composer.

Rectoplasm - Instrumentals from lost worlds.

Red Wine and Sugar - Electronics/text duo from Melbourne's Samaam Fieck and Mark Groves.

Roger Reynolds - US composer working in electronic music and improvisation.

Matt Rogalsky - Canadian electronic music composer and improviser.

Neil B. Rolnick - US computer music pioneer and composer.

Jon Rose - Australian violin innovator and sound artist

Rik Rue - Sydney composer/audio collagist.

A.S. - Melbourne percussionist and sound artist, Allanah Stewart.

Philip Samartzis - Melbourne sound artist working with environmental sound.

Helmut Schäfer - Austrian electro-acoustic composer.

Michael J. Schumacher - US sound artist working with multi-channel installations.

Scissor - Self-made analogue synth sounds from Queensland

Screwtape - Long time Melbourne dark noise artist.

The Scroungers - Melbourne home-recorded punk.

Michael Sheridan - Pioneering noise guitarist late of NO and Dumb & the Ugly

Shots - US trio emphasising event, movement and location.

Scott Sinclair - Brisbane sound artist now resident in Europe.

Scott Smallwood - US sound artist

Snacks - Melbourne trio of Jennifer Callaway, Dale Gorfinkel and Allanah Stewart.

Snawklor - Melbourne group ranging from microsound to krautrock.

Solvent Cage - Darker and noisier sister project to Melbourne's Monolith.

Sound of the Mountain - Australian/Canadian amplified trumpet/clarinet duo based in Montreal.

Splinter Orchestra - Sydney-based large form group exploring structured improvisations.

Stelarc - Performance artist examining the boundaries between body and technology.

Val Stephen - One of Australia's first pioneers of electronic music.

Suburban Cracked Collective - Newcastle's Shaun Leacy, formerly of Castings.

Surface Noise - a series of limited edition, split CDR releases of live performances.

Tangerine Nightmare - Analogue synth drone/noise.

Tarab - Melbourne sound artist working in site-specific art, with field recordings and detrius.

Tchake - Melbourne/Perth electroacoustic duo of Michael McNab & Josten Myburgh.

Teletopa - Pioneering early 1970s Sydney improvisation group led by David Ahern.

Third I - Serbian processed field recordings and electronica.

Timeless Pulse - Improv ensemble featuring Pauline Oliveros.

Trigger - US improv trio using low-register instruments.

Undecisive God (Clinton Green) - Melbourne experimental project taking in turntables, percussion, guitars and field recordings.

The Unnameable - Melbourne sound tribute to the writings of H.P. Lovecraft by Clinton Green of Undecisive God and Andrew McIntosh of Screwtape

Lois V. Vierk - US minimalist composer.

Vocabularinist - Sydney experimental band exploring numerous genres.

Von Einem - Harsh noise from Melbourne's Mark Groves of Dick Threats

Dmitri Voudiris - South African composer working with electronics and human movement interraction.

Ren Walters - Melbourne guitarist and improviser.

David Watson - New Zealand guitarist/bagpipist.

Felix Werder - One of Australia's most important 20th Century avant garde composers

Western Grey - Melbourne electro-acoustic trio of Sean Baxter, David Brown and Philip Samartzis.

Simon Wickham-Smith - British experimental computer peformer.

Jessica L. Wilkinson & Simon Charles - Melbourne writer/poet working with experimental composer.

Brian Wilson - US improv percussionist.

W.I.T. - Deftly-crafted static and white noise from regional Victoria

James Worse - Melbourne-based vocal and percussion improviser.

XV Parowek - Noise from Poland.

Y35.3 - Power electronics from Melbourne.

Zanana - US electro-acoustic chamber music duo.

Peter Zummo - US extended trombonist.