Kate Carr

Kate Carr "Overhead in Doi Saket" SD Card Hand-numbered SDHC card contains audio in wave, printed mini booklet in PDF and many more extra photos from Thailand. "For a collection of field recordings to be effective in its aims, we need a sense of casually listening in on a sonic landscape, rather than a feeling of naked voyeurism. Belfast-via-Australia sound artist Kate Carr has earned a reputation in recent years for opening doors into said realms, offering glimpses of rough-hewn terrain and glacial paradise alike. With this latest set of pieces, Carr has given us perhaps her most colorful, vivid and strikingly melodic work yet, a bursting world of sound stitched together in a fine-knit tapestry, woven out of recordings made on a trip to Thailand. Free of any trace of exotic fetishizing, this is true audio tourism raised to an immersive art form, moving from the hum of night creatures to the far-off whir of broadcasted music to birdsong to natural swells with the seams not hard to glimpse but absolutely invisible. There's an aura of a homecoming here Carr does not sound like an outsider in this environment. Rather, it feels like she's always been here at the margins, haunting the corners, microphone aimed into space and water alike, capturing impressions of a shifting, ghostly panorama." - Zachary Corsa

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