Arthur Cantrill

Arthur Cantrill - Hootonics LP The soundtrack to Arthur and Corinne Cantrill's 1970 feature-length film Harry Hooton features the groundbreaking music/sound created using a variety of musique concrete/tape techniques, collage, and treated recordings of early CSIRO mainframe computers. Hooton was a poet, futurist and thinker associated with the Sydney Push, and a formative influence on the Cantrill's artistic view, as detailed in Arthur's liner notes. This extraordinary soundtrack is a fitting tribute to Hooton, and stands as unique proto-electronic noise music decades ahead of its time. Limited edition of 300 copies, includes download card with bonus non-LP track.

Hootonics delves into the the world of early Australian tape experiments, machine recordings and sound collage and sits as an important historical document in Australian experimental music - Cyclic Defrost.

Excellent record of early electronics. Not to be missed by anyone who delves into the recent Mego re-issues of Ina-Grm - Vital Weekly #946

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Purchase Arthur Cantrill's "Chromatic Mysteries: soundtracks 1963-2009" CD together with your "Hootonics" LP:

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Arthur Cantrill - Chromatic Mysteries: soundtracks 1963-2009 CD - A retrospective CD of experimental filmmaker, Arthur Cantrill's extraordinary four decades of soundtracks, including subtly-manipulated environmental recordings and some of the earliest examples of Australian musique concrete. With liner notes by Cantrill and Warren Burt

A feast for the ears...Chromatic Mysteries is highly recommended and one of the best CDs of this year so far - Vital Weekly #736 of the premier, though perhaps unacknowledged, Australian avant garde musicians - In Press #1132 (21 July 2010).

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